Hickory Hills Team Information

Hickory Hills Team Information:

The 3 R's

8th Grade Writing Standards

Algebra/Math - Watkins

All students should keep a book cover on their book.

Algebra 1:

For extra help students can log into pearsonsuccessnet.com.

For online homework students should log into MathXLforSchool.com.

Students have usernames and passwords for each account.

Assignments are done online. Book assignments are given on an individual basis. These students have the assignments for the first chapter.

For students who are doing the online assignments (preferred), their assignments for the chapter are on the homework site. Parents can log on with their child, (they have the information), and see what assignments the student has done and what their score is.

If parents have questions, please call or e-mail me.

Math 8:

August 20th

1st period---no homework
2nd and 3rd periods---p. 19 and p. 21, 1-12, 24-36

Communication Arts - Searl

Science - McDonald

This week in Science:

Monday 9/1- No School - Labor Day

Tuesday 9/2- Review for quiz over Volume. Completed page 15 (Weight) in class and calculated our weight on different planets.

Wednesday 9/3 - Quiz over Volume. Read page 16 (Mass) and complete "Think Questions" in class.

Thursday 9/4- "Which Has More Mass" lab, practice using triple beam balances, take notes over the metric system.

Friday 9/5 - SI Unit Conversions practice

Have a great week!

Social Studies - Marlow

Counselor's Corner

From the desk of Mr. Vega...

For information about cyberbullying and how to keep your child safe on the web, check out the following websites: www.inobtr.org, www.netsmartz.org, www.ikeepsafe.org, www.digizen.org.

Have you heard of 211???

There is a new 211 hotline number in Missouri. 211 is a toll-free number that can be used to connect people with all kinds of community services like:

* Basic human needs (food, shelter, clothing, utilities assistance)
* Physical and mental health resources (counseling, rehab, crisis intervention, medicare, Medicaid)

Please spread the word around to those you think might need this service!
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